SEC Predictions (Week 14 – SEC Championship)

In the other half of the BCS title race an SEC Champion will be crowned. Some would say that the battle royal between Florida and Alabama is the de facto National Championship, but that is not fair to Texas (call me biased) and the host of other lossless teams. Why call them undefeated if you are going to knock their schedules?

Florida is the favorite, giving up 5.5 points, which seems to be a lot for a team that many consider to not have enough style points in some of their victories. Seriously, if you play an SEC schedule and go undefeated, style points can be thrown out the window. The problem for Florida is that Alabama has also run the gambit, escaping their schedule unscathed.

Up until this very minute, as I put this to “print”, I have been thinking that Alabama would be my favorite for the SEC title, but I am going to go with one final pick for the Gators to cover the 5.5 points.

Regular Season Record: 46-41

Go Dawgs! But, where? Po-dunk City Bowl or bust?


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