SEC Predictions (Week 10)

This week’s SEC action features Alabama playing host to LSU. The winner is pretty much guaranteed to be the SEC West Champion unless something fluky happens. As for the rest of the action, most are “get healthy” type games against teams looking for a pay off. When SEC teams host Eastern Kentucky, Furman, Northern Arizona, and Tennessee Tech, something is wrong.

I am using Danny Sheridan’s odds as seen in the USA Today for today’s picks, and most of the games are off the board due to inferior opponents. I could go with a different line, but why bother? Just to make things interesting, for the games off the board, I am going to say that the SEC team has to cover 31. We will go it Calvert’s Odds.

Going into this weekend I am 32-26 through the first 9 weeks of SEC action. Let’s see if I can bump up the winning percentage a little!

South Carolina at Arkansas
Arkansas by 7; they cover, they win, and pig fans everywhere rejoice.

Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky
The Wild Cats have to win by 31 [Calvert’s Odds].

Furman at Auburn
Another Calvert’s Odds game; Tigers will cover the 31.

Memphis at Tennessee
Every once in a while Memphis will jump up and play a hell of a game, but the way Tennessee is playing right now, I think they will cover the 26 points.

Vanderbilt at 1 Florida
Florida is giving up 35, which is a lot of points. I am kind of snake bit with this one. When I go for the team that should win by a lot, I almost always have a miss, but I am done picking Vanderbilt this year. Reluctantly, the Gators cover the 35.

Northern Arizona at Mississippi
I am sure Mississippi will use this game to knock out some frustration, but I just do not like the way they are playing right now. I’ll take Northern Arizona with the points; Mississippi does not cover the 31 [Calvert’s Odds].

9 LSU at 3 Alabama
In the best game of the weekend, that somehow was not good enough to earn a prime time slot, Alabama is favored by 7.5. I think Alabama is the better team, but I think it is time for them to slip up. Maybe. I am going to take the points and LSU; not sure if they will win, but I do not think Alabama covers.

Tennessee Tech at Georgia
At this point, I really do not care. The Dawgs are not looking towards the future, so even if they get healthy in a hurry, will anyone care? What a meaningless game. In fact, a buddy of mine offered me tickets, which I turned down in favor of family weekend activities. Just for the hell of it, I am going to say that the Bulldogs manage to cover the 31 [Calvert’s Odds].

Go Dawgs!


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