I did not SHIFT; continuing evolution of videogaming patterns.

Last week I wrote that I was considering purchasing Need for Speed: SHIFT, which was on sale at Best Buy for the low, low price of $39.99. I knew I would not have time to play the game, and while the price could not be beaten, and my guess is that it will not be that low again anytime soon, I just could not justify the purchase.

The funny thing is that a few years ago I would have made the purchase. After all, how could I not afford to get a game that was $20 off?

I decided to leave well enough alone. Besides, I have plenty of other games that are begging to be played. I still have a ton of reply in Ferrari Challenge, and while I do not play Formula One Championship Edition a whole heck of a lot, it is still a blast for running hot laps. Of course there is also Gran Turismo Prologue; except for the pretty graphics, I enjoyed the PS2 Gran Turismo 4 more, but alas, that one got broken by my youngest son.

Continuing on with the game that I do not get enough time to play, Madden 10 is wonderful. When I do get in a game, I really enjoy the experience. This year’s release has to be the most fun I have had playing videogame football in years. Probably back to my NCAA Chronicles days with North Texas; to me, that says something.

I also have Demon’s Souls on the way this week, and of course FIFA 10 later this month. As it stands there just was not enough room for SHIFT even with the $20 discount.

These days I realize that free time, much less videogame time, is at a premium. I spent Sunday afternoon shooting my adult airguns. I had a good time, I got to enjoy the great outdoors (well, at least my backyard), and the kids had a good time playing safely away from my modest shooting range.


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