Now drinking …

It has been a while [been saying that a lot in the last couple of posts] so let’s get straight to it before our time comes to an end.

First – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Classic stuff; a beautiful full flavored ale. I am not sure how else to describe it except to call it a superior quality brew.

Next up – Sam Adams just released their Summer Ale; at least it just showed up in the local Publix. This one is a very nice ale, with a little fruity flavor, which is perfect for those occasions when I do not want the more robust, and dare I say more complex flavor of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Finally Sam

Adams always brews some good bottles, and is probably my favorite brew right now. Their version of a light beer is probably my favorite when I want some of the fizzy stuff (that would be a lager to you).

Now for something a little different … some recent iTunes purchases.

The new Green Day is out tomorrow, but I plan to pick that one up on CD (with extra CD of unreleased songs) for my wife’s new Sienna XLS. Also an excuse to teach her how to rip a CD and load to her iTunes. Hey, someone has to suffer.

Soon to be the weekend!


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