Why the polls suck Week 5.

When the newest polls were released, I was going to write another article on this topic, but came across this blog post on ESPN and decided that the author already addressed most of my points.

I don’t mind the coaches poll. The AFCA likes to see its name in print. I get it. I just mind that we have to take it seriously. Houston and Iowa win at Oklahoma State and at Penn State, respectively, yet trail the teams they beat. The coaches rate No. 19 Cal six spots ahead of Oregon. Why is Nebraska way down at No. 24? And these guys help pick the national champion. With every vote, there’s more evidence that the BCS should appoint a blue-ribbon panel to pick the teams.

As the seasons go by I get more and more disenchanted with the current system and the BCS. It is pretty simple to do the math. These days I spend my entertainment money on the NFL – Madden, Falcons Season Tickets, Falcons gear, etc. It all adds up, and when you consider that I actually did not purchase NCAA Football this year, you have to wonder how many other fans (and gamers) have decided that the current system is downright ridiculous.


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