Atlanta struggles in New England.

The funny thing about the Falcons 26-10 loss to New England is that it did not seem that bad at the time, but when you look at the box score you realize that the Falcons lost in every facet of the game.

The fumble by Turner in the second quarter was a turning point. Instead of Atlanta driving for points, and perhaps a lead a half, the Patriots capitalized to take a 13-10 lead at the half.

I kept thinking the Falcons were in this one by forcing three field goals in a row; instead the game slowly slipped away.

Things to work on in the bye week …

  • Third Down conversions were horrid (2-9).
  • 105 rushing yards by Fred Taylor.
  • 0 sacks; not enough pressure on Brady.
  • 58 rushing yards? What happened to the power rushing attack?

There are a lot of other places I could go, and I assume the Falcons coaching staff will go, but time of possession is perhaps the telling stat of the game. 20:11 for the Falcons to 39:49. Ouch.

I hope a week off allows Atlanta to get back on track before going to the Left Coast to visit the new and improved 49’ers.


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