Gamo Sampler Pellets

Yesterday at Dick’s Sporting Goods I picked up a sampler pack of Gamo pellets for $8.99. [linked to Pyramyd Air’s site because DSG does not show this set online]

The set contains 4 tins of 250 pellets:

  • Magnum (8.3 grains)
  • Hunter (8.4 grains)
  • Master Point (7.8 grains)
  • Match (7.6 grains)

I shot a few rounds of each type of pellet in my R7, and came away thinking that the Hunter pellets were awesome – extremely accurate, grouping very well at around 18 yards. The Match pellets also performed well. Punching paper, the Master Point and Magnum did not seem to perform as well. They were not bad, but they were not as close to center as the Hunter and Match pellets.

I have not written too much about my R7, but after trying about 10 different types of pellets, I do not think it is pellet sensitive. Some pellets do shoot better, case in point he Gamo Hunter and Gamo Match pellets, but for the most part, the R7 seems very easy to please.

At less than a penny a pellet, this sampler is a great value. I will probably pick up some more because the price is better than online, and it would run me about $7.50 at Pyramyd Air for a tin of the Hunter and Match pellets.


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