Will Sony announce a PS3 price cut August 18th?

I found this article from SMG (via N4G), which is a rare treat. Imagine a well-written, thought out article on the current state of the Big Three consoles, and how Sony plans to move up the rankings.

And while a cheaper Xbox 360 was unable to halt the Wii’s advance, any gamer worth his salt faced with a choice between the Wii and the Playstation 3 knows that Sony delivers the most consistently reviewed video games and versus a console with no media playback abilities or high definition support, the fully featured Playstation 3 would certainly be the savvy consumers choice for the best bang for your home entertainment buck. Add to this the impending launch of Sony’s more advanced motion capture controllers that were in development long before Nintendo’s Wii-mote and suddenly even Nintendo should start looking over its shoulder.

I do not necessarily agree with all points in the article, but like I said in the opening, this is a nice article and definitely worth a read.


2 thoughts on “Will Sony announce a PS3 price cut August 18th?”

  1. I’m hoping that Sony decides to cut its losses this generation and gets a new console out no later than November 2011.

    Lot of room for improvement in graphics now that HDTVs are pretty common.

  2. Ouch. I hope Sony does not give up – they have a ton of great games, and the platform just seems to be coming of age.

    What would a new console this soon (two years from now) have that the PS3 does not? From what I have read more memory would be helpful, but I think Sony just needs to make sure the various third party developers have ample middleware tools.

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