To Apple, it is all about the numbers.

In an article posted on Venture Beat (via N4G), Apple is making a case that it should be your portable gaming platform.

As you can tell from all of the numbers in this story, Sony and Nintendo have something to worry about. The newest iPhone 3G S is an extremely capable 3-D graphics handheld and supports the OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics standard. Hubert Nguyen of Ubergizmo believes that the graphics in the new iPhone could display something that looks as good as Half-Life 2 — a stunning game on the PC from 2004. I’ve already noted how the graphics on id Software’s Doom Resurrection on the iPhone looked truly amazing.

21K games is an amazing number, but let’s be realistic about the types of games contained in these numbers. It is not as if something of the magnitude of Gran Turismo is available on the iPod (of course it is not yet available on the PSP, but I digress). As I have written before, I just do not see the iPod as a viable gaming platform. Not for gamers – maybe for casual pick up and go gaming, but for more serious fun? Madden, FIFA, etc?

Even if the iPod could get the IP equivalent to something like a Mario title, the controls are just not the same. While iPod could make a run at RPG titles or maybe text based sports simulations (OOTP or FM on the go would be fun) I just do not see playing something like FIFA on the iPod. Maybe I am just different than everyone else.


2 thoughts on “To Apple, it is all about the numbers.”

  1. I’ve downloaded a bunch of demos but rarely play them.

    The Madden 10 game they demo’d has some possibilities. Hot routes that you draw on the screen and selecting defensive players by touching them.

    It’s a $10 game but probably doesn’t have franchise modes or as many plays. Probably no multiplayer modes either.

    I wouldn’t consider such games until OGL ES 2.0 becomes at least a baseline for games. Lack of hard controls is also a big obstacle.

    But I’m not a big portable gamer to begin with. I don’t see the point in playing Madden or GT5 on any portable, when you could be playing these games on a console and HDTV screen.

    Especially since these portable games are like 2/3 the price of a console game.

    If they were 1/5 or less the price of a console game, maybe. But what do you gain by playing Madden on a portable? If you can work on your franchise and sync it up with the console version, maybe that’s worth the money and the effort.

    Maybe something to do while you’re waiting in the doctor’s office or if you have a long commute train ride. But you can also read, listen to music or watch videos to bide the time too.

    All these activities though really drain the battery. So shorter sessions would be fine and pick up and play games fit into these constraints.

    Also as we age, I don’t do the marathon gaming sessions at home and don’t play nearly as frequently.

    iPhone may be able to rope in a number of the formerly avid gamers, given this trend.

  2. wco81 – I picked up three themes in your post. Or at least three points that I agree with.

    First, you mentioned price several times. I agree 100% and I think this is where Apple wins big, but the games offered via iTunes are not the same as what Sony and Nintendo offer for their systems.

    Second, controls. I do not see how Apple compensates for lack of hard controls. They can for quick pick up and play stuff, but no way are you going to get a solid Mario type platformer with their current offerings.

    Third, that age thing. You hit the nail on the head. As I get older I have less time for gaming. This weekend I have kids soccer, Georgia football (TV) and Falcons tailgating (all day Sunday).

    For me it all comes back to price. I have more money to spend on games than at any point before, but I am selective because of lack of quality gaming time.

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