Falcons Playoff Aspirations

Funny thing about these Falcons, at 10-2 they control their own destiny to have the NFC come to the Dome. Super Bowl bound? First they have to make the playoffs.

The Falcons must beat the Carolina Panthers and have any two of the Giants (8-4), Philadelphia Eagles (8-4) and Green Bay Packers lose (8-4). A Falcons tie and losses by the Giants, Eagles, Packers and a loss or tie by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) also would work for Atlanta.

If the season ended today, Atlanta would get the winner of a Giants/Eagles matchup. To be honest, I want no part of Vick returning to Atlanta; that just seems like a good way to really f’up the Falcons playoff run as 1000s of fans (my sons included) would cheer loudly for Vick. No thanks. Been there, done that. Besides, of late, the Eagles have the Falcons number.


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