Falcons release 53-man roster.

It looks like Atlanta is ready for the Dolphins on September 13, but I expect that the defensive backs could change a little if Atlanta is able to find help on the cut list. And they still need some help. According to the Falcons official website, the roster is set, and two former Bulldogs did not make the final list.

Former Georgia standouts Thomas Brown and D.J. Shockley were released along with two players from the team’s 2009 Draft class: cornerback William Middleton and defensive tackle Vance Walker.

It is not a huge surprise that D.J. did not make the team; if you carry a 3rd string QB for a while you expect him to beat out the 2nd string QB, but D.J. was nowhere near ready to take down Redman. Next year Atlanta will be in the markup for a backup to Ryan because I do not see Redman sticking around; he wants to start again.

I am disappointed for Brown; he was a great former Bulldog, but just could not stay injury free. The final roster breakdown includes:

* Nine defensive linemen (four tackles, five ends)
* Six linebackers (three starters and a backup at each position)
* 10 defensive backs (five cornerbacks and five safeties)
* Five wide receivers (including 11-veteran Marty Booker)
* Three quarterbacks (two will likely be active on gameday)
* Three tight ends (Keith Zinger wins the final spot over Rader)
* Nine offensive linemen (Quinn Ojinnaka continues to backup multiple positions)
* Five running backs (three tailbacks and a pair of fullbacks: Ovie Mughelli and Verron Haynes)
* Two kickers (Jason Elam and Michael Koenen)
* One long-snapper (returning starter Mike Schneck)

The Falcons will establish their practice squad today, so it will be interesting to see if there are any real surprises.


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