Madden Online

Geoff and I played a brief five minute quarter game using the internet IP method. Took us a few minutes to configure my firewall, but everything was silky smooth during the game, where the mighty Texans defeated the Giants in a 10-0 defensive struggle. There were quite a few interceptions, but they more than likely were due to the humans pushing the buttons as opposed to the CPU. Playing on the default settings and no real complaints yet. There were penalties called, sacks were made, etc.

Round 2 of the Texans v. Giants will occur Thursday evening. I have to practice!

I’ve always been a fan of Madden internet play as opposed to the actual solo game. However, this season I will take a closer look at the franchise mode. The game on the field is good enough now that I might actually enjoy it.

The one thing that EA Sports never seems to understand is that if they want a hardcore, rabid, OOTP Baseball-like following, they have to allow seasons from current games to be imported into future versions. Do I want to spend all of the effort to grow a team and get attached to my players if I know in a few short months I have to start all over? The answer is no, and this is another reason I really don’t spend time with EA Sports franchise modes.

Of course, this may be the only EA Sports game that I am actually interested in running a franchise.


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