Why would folks buy this Home stuff?

I don’t get this, which either means I am clueless, getting old, or am drunk. Two out of three? And let me tell you that I am unfortunately not drunk. I found this from awesom-home (via N4G).

Apparently Playstation home costumes are more popular then we first thought. Some rare items are being sold on eBay at surprisingly high prices. There’s even a costume that was sold for more then 60$. I get some people like to have rare stuff, but this is kind of crazy. Second-life crazy. Could you imagine if Square did a rare Sephiroth costume? .. Yeah i know, that would be awesome.

The things those crazy kids do these days. My dad would have kicked me in the ass for spending $60 on a f’ing Home costume. Then again, I have never logged into Home, so I probably just don’t get it.


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