Lack of a PS3 price cut kept Sony financially viable?

I am posting this one from, who is in turn quoting an article from Eurogamer. Fancy stuff. In the article Mark Rein of Epic talks about the merits of Sony’s decision to not cut the price of the PS3.

“The truth is Sony has had a difficult year and I think they had to do what they had to do to try to be profitable. They have their own financial issues to solve and lowering the price of the console would probably have made their situation worse,” Rein told Eurogamer.

This is a completely different spin than the usual dribble that often gets posted. I tend to agree with Mr. Rein. Unless PS3s started selling like Big Macs, a price cut over the last six to nine months probably would not have stopped the bleeding.

We all know a price cut is coming, and the PS3 Slim thing is the worst kept secret around. When will we see a price cut? How low will Sony go? Timing will be everything because if Sony plays its cards it too close to the launch of the PSP Go, any positive chatter generated by a PS3 price cut could hurt the Go. Wait too late or cut too little and no one will care. Sony’s recent track record suggests it will do both, which will go over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl.


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