Braves in a world of hurt

The good news is that the Atlanta Braves did not take another on the chin last night.  Of course they did not play, but not getting another in the loss column is helpful.

If I counted correctly, the Braves are a pitiful 4-8 in interleague play, with Detroit coming to town this weekend.  My guess is that they take 1 of 3 from Detroit, but that assume they finally remember how to score some runs.

I am not sure what the overall record is this year, but the NL is stinking up the joint.  The AL went 264-181 over the last two years, and this year has been more of the same.  I do not think this can be contributed to the DL, which is something that I detest, but honestly, the NL just plain sucks.

Back to the Braves.  To date, the Braves are a pitiful 8-12 this June, which is reminiscent of last year when the Braves stunk up the joint with a 6-21 record for the month of June.  The big difference this year is that the Mets are only 4-14 in June, which means the Braves are actually gaining ground on the Mets; good for 1.5 GB out of first place in the NL East.  Now that is hard to swallow.

As bad as things seem, it really is not a disaster.  The Braves are within striking distance of the Mets, and they are only 4-5 out of the Wild Card (if it comes to that).  If A. Jones would ever come out of his slump, if C. Jones can stay healthy, if Saltalamacchia can contribute at 1B (please don’t trade him), and if Chuck James or Kyle Davies (or anyone else for that matter) can solidify the 3rd and 4th spots in the rotation, the Braves actually stand a chance.  I know; a whole lot of if-ing.


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