I have nothing. Dog days of summer continue.

It is like a gaming vortex has sucked all the news dry. There is just not much going on right now. Maybe the biggest story is that Xbox 360 Live Gold subscribers will get the Madden 10 demo July 23, a week or so before anyone else. No idea when us poor saps with a PS3 will get to take on some demo-goodness.

In other news, my PS3 is due to arrive today.


2 thoughts on “I have nothing. Dog days of summer continue.”

  1. It’s ridiculous, they’re now holding the demo as a carrot to preorder or whatever.

    And the demos are really not that useful in telling you what the game is like.

  2. wco81 – Ridiculous does not even describe what I think, but if this is a way for Microsoft and EA to make extra money off of the GOLD Live service or preorder, then more power to them. I am sure Sony and Nintendo will also think of some nice ploy to get their fan base to bend over.

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