NCAA Football 09 Patch #1 Released

NCAA Football 09Finally! I am downloading it as we speak. Been a long wait, but at least we finally have the roster patch. Before starting a session of Madden, I decided to throw in NCAA Football 09 to see if I would be prompted for an upgrade. Imagine my surprise to (finally) see that v1.10 was available for download.

This patch thing has been a complete goat fuck. First, the need to patch the game. Second, the long wait. Third, the patch was rejected by Sony due to who knows what reasons. With all that said, I am thankful that we are getting patches for this game, but as I have previous said, the next patch (i.e. Patch #2 or the gameplay patch) is the real prize.

Now it should be safe to start a dynasty, but we can always start complaining about the wait for second patch. Let the countdown begin.


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