PSP Remote Play Black Magic Redux.

I started off writing this from my PSP via my PS3, but quickly switched over to the more traditional laptop/Word combination. I started off on the PSP, but for some reason the PSP browser could not display this site’s admin page. So I figured I could try to post from my PSP via the PS3; if only I could connect.

I attempted to start Remote Play via the Internet option, but no dice. The Internet option did not work. I am not about to change my router connections again to get this mother to work. Been there, and played those stupid games. Next up was the Private Network option, which worked straight away.

Now that I was connected to the PS3, I decided to check on some background downloads (still downloading the big ass E3 videos), and then decided to see how well PixelJunk Eden played in Remote Play mode. The game worked fine; some lag, but controlled OK. Remote Play in general seems final, but sometimes the key presses get stuck, or lost, which makes navigation a royal pain. Maybe this all comes down to my wireless network connection. I keep debating if I should run some cable, and give my PS3 some juice straight from the wired router, instead of going wireless.

After a little while, I jumped into the PS3 web browser, headed to this site, and started typing this article. As I mentioned above, I gave up rather quickly. I put in the title and decided enough was enough. Typing with the PSP via the PS3 works, but pretty much sucks for anything more than a user name and password. I guess that goes for browsing with the actual PSP; the keypad interface works fine, but not for any serious work.

Browsing from the PSP is kind of cool, but it seems like more often than not it is too much of a hassle to navigate some of the more content rich sites such as ESPN. At least the Fox News site noticed right away that I was a mobile user, and directed me to their nifty little mobile site.

So back to Remote Play. I am not sure what gives, but it still seems like it is too damn difficult to get this feature working correctly. I should be able to access my PS3 via the Internet, but it looks like I am doomed to continue on with the Private Network option.


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