Saturday Pot Luck.

Better than a Sunday church pot luck dinner; a scrumptious serving of Saturday random nonsense, Recycle Bin style. Enjoy!

Doing the needful.
Oh yes my friends. Rejoice! For sex, and plenty of it is in your future. After all, your wife does care about you, right? Thanks to this article, now you have six damn good reasons for a romp in the hay with your better half. No more “not tonight honey, I have a headache” – what a crock of crap; this excuse is no longer going to fly.

Believe it or not, sexual intercourse burns off 150 calories every half hour. Although the average couple engages in sex for approximately 25 minutes a session only three times a week, it still accounts for 450 calories that are better taken off than put on.If you’re more active than average, then that will only make things more beneficial for you and that lucky gal. A health benefit of sex, particularly a rigorous hour of sex, is that it may burn even more than 300 calories depending on how rigorous you get.

“Honey! Time to exercise!”

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet…I’m hunting wabbits!
Well, at least I would like to read about wabbits, but Amazon has not been able to fulfill my order. I have had “Air Rifle Shooting for Pest Control and Rabbiting”? by John Bezzant (2009; Hardcover; $31.50) on order for a while, but no dice yet. Too bad; the book sounds interesting. Amazon keeps sending me “we are still trying to locate this book emails” – I may just have to cancel and order from their UK store.

Paul Tracy’s Blog
What a pleasant surprise to find (A) an athlete that can put pen to paper (B) a racer that is down to earth (C) an entertaining blog by none other than Paul Tracy.

Over the last week I have linked to a few stories. Their new site has a few interesting tidbits including Tracy’s blog.

He [A.J. Foyt] was mid-story-telling of how their race went at Indy, and suddenly I blew a driver’s-side tag-axle tire on the RV. It just exploded on me, and got chewed up and hung up on the Jeep, so it started rocking around all over the place too. So I’m trying to drive something that suddenly felt like a giant sprint-car, trying to keep it out of the ditch. I’ve got one hand on the phone, one hand on the wheel, both feet on the brake pedal trying to get the freakin’ thing slowed down but not wanting to interrupt A.J. mid-sentence or cut him off. But eventually when he paused to take a breath, I said, “A.J., I’ve got to take a break, I just blew a tire,” and he said “OK,” and hung up.

College World Series Regionals
Georgia gets Florida St. today at 4PM. Follow all the action here.

PS3 Stuffs
I think my PS3 is still alive and kicking. It has been randomly accepting and rejecting discs, with no particular rhyme or reason. The only constant is that Blu-ray movies would spin like crazy with a horrible sound. Thankfully, the PS3 did not scratch any of the discs.

Just for the hell of it I wondered if the drive was out of alignment. I turned off the PS3, took a disc that I could a crap about, and forced the disc into the PS3. After all, that is more or less what my two-year-old son did in the first place. Of course I stopped at one disc; he went for three, but that story has already been told.

I turned on the PS3, and now all is in order. Strange. Could have just been a random coincidence, but I was able to watch Spider-man 2.1, so I am not complaining. Will have to give a game or two a go today to see if things are still on the up and up.

If the PS3 is still working I am going to have to finally get Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. It has been a long time coming getting this one to Greatest Hits status. $29.99 is a good deal.

The bad news is that I was thinking about throwing my unopened copy of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on eBay, but I may as well open it up and play it now.

It is about time for my yearly Madden and NCAA Football purchase. Am I going to do the double again this year? Sure. It is tradition!

Mmm … amber liquid goodness
Because sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Pour you a sipping glass full of some delicious Knob Creek, and settle in for a great weekend.

I’m drowning in a whiskey river bathin’ my memoried mind in the wetness of its odor.
Feelin’ the amber current flowin’ from my mind, a warm and emtpy heart you left so cold.

Happy Saturday!


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