Bushnell ELITE 3200 Returns.

Well, it took about seven weeks, but I finally have an update on my scope issues. Today a brand spanking new Bushnell ELITE 3200 arrived courtesy of Brown.

When I sent in the scope I was not sure what to expect. Would Bushnell honor the warranty? When they say that the dots on the glass was the result of user error? Would they actually repair the scope, or would they send me a refurbished unit?

Honestly, I did not expect to receive a brand new replacement scope, complete with all original package materials in an unopened box. This is a nice bonus because I messed up the matting on the sunshade. Not enough clearance for cocking an R1. Oops.

The other nice thing about the new replacement is that I now have all the original package materials in case I decide to sell the scope at a later date.

I have been very pleased with the scope, and now I am extremely happy with Bushnell’s customer service. No questions asked replacement in the first year is superb customer service.

Now for a decision. Do I put the ELITE 3200 on my R1 .22 and get it back in action, or do I give it a go on the Carbine? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

See Bushnell ELITE 3200 goes under the knife for reference material.


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