Trading the Farm …

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Can the Braves recapture any of the glory days from their early 90’s run? The Braves recent mistakes and their current pursuit of free agent pitcher A.J. Burnett does not bode well for an immediate recovery in the 2009 season.

Case in point, an interesting article from the discusses the Braves trading away the farm.

“In the past season the Braves have traded away a busload of prospects for, in one case, a mere flirtation with Mark Teixiera, who was merely passing through town. They did happen to pick up an inexpensive Casey Kotchman in the deal, but back to Vazquez again, they traded a hot number with power, Tyler Flowers, for him. And Tyler can play first base, and has power.”

Here is the rub. In the past, the Braves won with pitching, most of which was home grown. Now they are going for quick hits (Vazquez and Burnett), which would not be some horrible if the Braves did not have to trade away the farm in the process.


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