Fun with NCAA Football 09

It’s hard to believe, but with all the bashing, NCAA Football 09 is actually fun. There has been enough negativity on this one that you may think it is a total suckfest. The game is certainly not perfect, but sometimes fun trumps nagging issues. Take this recent game for example. I decided to send my beloved Bulldogs against the Bowling Green Falcons. For the first time ever, the Weather Channel feature actually worked. Game time temperature was in the upper 80s, with a nasty 22 mph wind that would play havoc on field goals.

Knowshon Moreno

Run Knowshon. Run!

I decided to dress in red instead of using the black jersey. If you are a UGA fan, the black jersey is this game is simply incredible.

I won the coin toss and opted to receive the ball. I managed a long drive, with Moreno finally punching the ball in for a 7-0 lead. Several possessions later, the Falcons managed a field goal to make the game 7-3. I quickly answered with a field goal, and closed out the half 10-3.

Things remained nip and tuck until Bowling Green tied the score with 65 seconds remaining in the game. I worked the clock, and made judicious use of my timeouts to work the ball in scoring position, but despite my best efforts, my 33 yard game winning field goal attempt started left, but blew wide right. Damn wind. Overtime.

Major strategic bug alert. Bowling Green won the coin toss, and decided they wanted the ball first. That is a big no-no; much better to force your opponent on offense first.

I could not stop Bowling Green; they took a 17-10 lead. Still leaning on Moreno, my workhorse tied the game 17-17. A Knowshon draw, followed by Bowling Green getting called for off-sides, resulted in me having four attempts from inside the four yard line. Moreno’s 3rd TD on the day put the Dawgs up 24-17.

A lot of times I feel like NCAA Football 09 is scripted, but there was nothing scripted about my defensive stand. First down was an incomplete pass; should have been an interception. Second down resulted in a nice user sack. Third down the Falcons had a nice pick up on a screen, but it all came down to fourth and seven. Crossing patterns generally work, but I sniffed out the play and stopped the Falcons’ receiver short of the first down marker to escape with a victory.

Yes, there is some crap in the game (NCAA Football 09, not the specific game described here), but it is fun.

Go Dawgs!


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