PSP gets sarcastic …

One of writers for just picked up a PSP

PSP System

How about some Loco Roco?

“So, even before you get any games for the system, the PSP gives you a lot to do with your media. When I got home, I immediately started filling my memory stick with all kinds of goodies. Buying the system has basically made my old iRiver mp3 player obsolete, and it’s amazingly easier to move all your media onto the memory stick than it is trying to sync playlists to your mp3 player. So, needless to say, I love the media features. Some of the most boring stretches at work the past couple days were made much more bearable while watching old episodes of Family Guy.”

The writer makes some good points. In general the games are cheap, they get discounted fairly quickly, and the little system that could has a lot to offer besides games.

My concerns with the PSP are the lack of games quality on the horizon and PS3 connectivity. Not sure what is out there next for the PSP, but as it stands right now, my PSP gets 90% of its use on business travel. More quality games could lower that ratio. PS3 connectivity is also a concern. Where are the Remote Play games? When is Sony going to make Remote Play a smooth experience?


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