Saturday means college football is back!

Thursday night does not really count, even if the SEC was in action, and Friday night was wasted on northern and west coast football.  Ah, but Saturday means Georgia football is back!  It also means beer, great food on the grill, and bourbon.

This morning I loaded the family into the minivan, and took them to breakfast.  Next up was the purchase of Georgia t-shirts for the whole family (OK, jumper/one-piece thing for the baby), which is going to have the makings of a new annual family tradition.

For the rest of the Labor Day weekend festivities I have hamburgers, hotdogs, brats (and cheap beer for the brats bath), and a nice looking rack of ribs.  Plentiful beer as well – the cheap stuff (that would be Miller Lite), the good stuff (Terrapin Rye Pale Ale), and some miscellaneous stuff to help make things interesting (Michelob Ultra, a couple of 24 oz Coors Lights, and for the sake of comparison a 24 of Miller High Life and High Life Lite.  Oh, good times indeed.

I know it is a little late, but before I get to my predictions, I tried some Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey yesterday.  Sort of a non-distinct bourbon; not as smooth and sweet (say vanilla-like) as Makers Mark, but not as biting as Knob Creek.  I would never profess to be an expert or anything, but for my everyday bourbon I love Makers, while I keep Knob around for my top shelf every once in a while sipping pleasure.  I have learned to appreciate going neat, but I think Bulleit is better served as a mixing bourbon.  Certainly better than some others that I have tried, but I did not find that special something that would make me want to purchase another bottle after this one runs dry.

Moving on to SEC predictions … yes, I know the Florida game has already started, but it is not like I am not going to pick the Gators over some Hilltoppers (WTF is a hilltopper?).  I would have picked LSU over the bullpups from Mississippi State, but I would let that one rest.  Winners are Florida (no reason to waste time on that one), Mississippi, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Auburn.  Yes, all the SEC teams except for Mississippi State have week 1 wins.

Best chances for SEC Shame of the Week go to Ole Miss and Tennessee.  Memphis always plays Mississippi tough, and while I do not respect the PAC-10, I think California has a chance if Ainge cannot throw the ball due to the pinkie injury.  I think the whole “Oklahoma State has a chance against Georgia” thing is grossly overblown.  Not going to happen.

Welcome back football, welcome back!


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