Mixed messages from Sony

It seems that Sony is all over the map. First there was a leaked price cut, but it was not really a price cut. Not that big of a deal because rumors are often denied. Then there was a price cut, but now it may really be more of a price reduction of a system no longer being manufactured. Price cut confusion oh my.

I thought one of the interesting stories from E3 was a Codemasters’ interview that states that the PS3 will receive the best version of DiRT.

Listening to the interview makes me sound brilliant. Earlier this week I wrote that “they [Sony] are going to have to start offering free consulting services to the third party developers to help them with their porting efforts.” I have no idea how much money changed hands, but this is the right tactic for Sony. Help the third party developers make better games, but much like the price cut fiasco, it looks like Sony is sending mixed messages when it comes to third party support:

“If the games don’t look good on the platform, consumers aren’t going to buy them. As I said, we can’t control what third parties are going to do,” explained Tretton. “We can try to evangelize the technology and assist those guys in development and try to convince them that it is in their best interests to take advantage of the technology.”

“At some point, what’s the point of porting it over to another platform if it is not going to look as good on a platform that is more expensive? Why waste any money in development doing that?”

Can Gran Turismo 5: Prolog really look this good?


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