WoW. Knob. Shadows.

I put in some WoW time tonight; about 30 minutes, which was enough to take Tuldar (dwarf hunter) from L13 to L14.  Have to love that rest state.  This is only the second time I have put in a few minutes since Joseph was born.  Hopefully the time will increase because the game is still fun, even at low levels.  Of course it sucks that I am no longer in a guild (too much time away from the game get you automatically removed from the guild), I do not remember some of the basics of the game, and I have no idea where I left off with some quests.  Small downside to a wonderful game.  It was also nice to see some players in Loch Modan, which was seriously empty before Joseph arrived.

In tribute to seeing Chris online (WoW of course), I decide to go for a little Knob Creek.  No cheap stuff for me tonight.  Well, there may have been some before I ran into Chris, but no one is keeping score.

Game of Shadows.  I should have more to say on this in a week or so, after I finish the book (assuming I can finish in a few days).  I picked up the book when it was released last year, but did not really have time to give it a proper read.  I picked it up a few days ago; what a fascinating read.  If only a small part of it is true, Bonds is really messed up, and I am not just talking about drugs.


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