New Mogul

Sports Mogul, Inc wins the earliest text-baseball release for the new season contest. Baseball Mogul 2007 is available for download for a reasonable $19.95. I might even try it for that amount, a price point the folks at Grey Dog Software need to be introduced to. New features include a pitch-by-pitch mode, a minor league simulation engine, and many more things that move the franchise from its 2004 roots into a more modern simulation.

The web site claims to be the only exclusive licensee of the Sean Lahman Baseball Database. I’m not sure what that means since many other products make the database useable with their game engines.

But when you see “New Lefty-Righty stats!” in a baseball game developed in 2006, you have to scratch your head and wonder. I am intrigued by the “animated play-by-play”, but am put off that I can’t find any screenshots of the game anywhere on the site. No demo + no screenshots = no purchase. A fairly simple equation.


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