The WoW Life

An actual exchange between a 44 year-old WoW player and his 42 year-old wife.

My wife came into the den as I was waiting for our 40-man raid to start in Molten Core.

“What are you and your ‘people’ getting ready to do?” she asked.

“There are 40 of us getting ready to start a raid,” I explained. “We’re looking for another warlock.”

“What is that thing with the long tail that is hopping around?”

“That’s an imp.”

She paused for effect before asking her next question. “You must be 20 years older than any of your ‘people’.”

“No, in fact, I’ve played with people in their fifties.”

“Well, who are you?”

I hit the space bar and my dwarf priest did his little dwarf hop. “That’s me.”

Another pause for effect. “You do understand that I will never hear the words ‘you should act your age’ cross your lips in reference to anything I do, don’t you?”


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