SEC Preview (Week 10)

As we roll into week 10, I am 58-11 on the year (7-0 last week). This week is very much like the last two, easy pickings. LSU/Tennessee is the marquee match-up, but there is not really a whole lot else to offer this weekend besides Arkansas/South Carolina. Oh well, on to the picks …

(7) Florida – Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt keeps improving, but the Gators are not the Bulldogs, so this one goes to Florida.

Mississippi State – Alabama
Alabama is really not so hot this year, but Mississippi State is pitiful, so Roll Tide.

Northwestern State – Mississippi
Another bad team from magnolia country, but they can take on a 1-AA team, right? If not, you know we will have to give them the Shame of the Week Award.

Arkansas State – (6) Auburn
Auburn’s final practice before taking on Georgia.

(12) Arkansas – South Carolina
This could be an interesting game. I do not like the Razorbacks and I do not care for the Gamecocks, so I do not even know who to pull for in this one. Conventional wisdom says to pick Arkansas, but I am going to go with South Carolina in an upset. Some type of Spurrier magic or some such.

(13) LSU – (8) Tennessee
This is the game of the week. Tennessee keeps improving, so it is hard not to pick them in this one.

Georgia – Kentucky
If you go with Kentucky you are really saying that their poor defense is better than Georgia’s poor offense. This should be a game for Georgia to get healthy before getting stomped by the Tigers from Auburn. I want to believe that Georgia will win 31-13, but I have a feeling that the game is going to be much closer; a high scoring game … along the lines of 34-29 in Georgia’s favor.

Go Dawgs!


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