Sorry for not posting much this past week.  Things are very busy in Johnson game-land.  Our World of Warcraft guild has close to 100 members now and we’re experiencing growing pains.  In a “be careful of what you wish for” scenario, becoming this large of a guild now makes it much easier to run the end game raids.  The bad news is that four or five officers just aren’t enough to run a guild this size.  We promoted three members to the “Cavalier” rank (officer in our guild) Friday night with an elaborate ceremony in Stormwind.

I feel like such a big nerd now.

All of the buzz is about the upcoming expansion pack.  I made a rare visit to my local Gamestop to pre-order a copy of the Collector’s Edition.  I don’t really care about the content.  This is simply my homage to a game that has entertained me so much over the past year and a half.  The store manager let me know that they already had over 60 pre-orders for the Burning Crusade, by far the highest amount this year for any game.  I could see the drool forming at the corner of his mouth.

Blizzard is going to make a lot of money on this expansion.  A lot.

In other news, our Out of the Park Baseball league is running with no problems to report.  I finally saw some activity in the technical problem forum at the OOTPB site.  Not sure if the paying OOTPB 2006 beta testers (that would be everyone who owns this game) will get another patch.  But my boycott of SI products will continue until this thing is fixed and playable to my satisfaction.  It just boggles the imagination how a game so immersed in player development could have such a poor player development reporting system.  There’s a reason that BOSI was such an important utility for earlier versions of the game.  It had lots of neat stuff, but the ability to track player development was easily the neatest.

Oh how I miss a real player development report!


2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Chris, this may be a dumb question (or three), but I have to ask it anyway. What does an officer in a guild do? Specifically, what does an officer in your guild do? Why does it matter, and why do you need more officers for end game content?

  2. Officers organize guild runs, monitor recruiting, and deal with day to day issues with the guild and the web site. We spend a lot of time trying to balance the guild membership and get groups running for people at different levels. You really won’t understand until you start doing instances. They need to be balanced with certain classes and talents. Each officer does certain things to help out. We try to have at least one on at most times of the day to help new joins or answer questions. There’s a ton of stuff to do.

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