Price Finally Earns Some Money

What a wasted signing Peerless Price has been for the Falcons. He has been anything but a number one receiver for Atlanta.

Thankfully he finally caught a pass for a TD; a TD that may actually put the Falcons over the top.

Rams 17 Atlanta 35 10:05 3rd Qtr


2 thoughts on “Price Finally Earns Some Money”

  1. in buffalo moulds always drew all of the double coverage

    peerless was never a go to receiver however moulds drew so much attention it allowed price to flourish to a point

    i though this was a terrible signing by the falcons when it happened

    but thanks to alot of great personel moves coaching moves and bringing in rich mckay (go rich!)

    atlanta has more than overcome it to say the least

    not to mention jenkins (from The Ohio st !!) will be what they were looking for in price in the very near future

    mora jr sure has this club achieving at the highest possible level in a very short time span and this team really has the looks of having quite a few years ahead of it

    i particulary like there defensive philosophy these days (reminds me alot of my Buccaneers version 97-02)

    good luck to your team next weekend

  2. I agree with you on Peerless, which is why I wrote that he finally earned some money. He was a real reach as a number one. I love Jenkins – hopefully he turns into a quality number two (or better yet, number one).

    The defense is solid (for the most part), but the secondary is weak – DeAngelo will continue to get better – but for the most part there is not enough speed or size. As long as the front four put pressure in the backfield, and the LBs (Brooking is big time good) play smart, ATL can keep up with anyone.

    I would rather play the Eagles with out TO than a hot Minnosota team, but I would rather the game be in ATL.

    Mora was a great hire, but the key really has been McKay. Hopefully they can keep the key players – Vick’s new contract may hurt in 2-3 years.

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