Star Wars, Mega Sites, and Me

I rarely quote IGN these days; I think the antiestablishment period in TRB has long since passed, but allow me to post this gem from the IGN DVD review section for the new Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Limited Edition) release:

“Otherwise, however, avoid these sets by any and all means; no matter how many retailers offer cool slipcases, comic books, or other swag, these sets were designed as a sort of back-handed show of gratitude to fans, or more likely as a stopgap for folks who wanted the originals and have yet to hear about the releases coming in 2007 in honor of the series’ 30th anniversary. (Mind you, we don’t have any details, tentative or otherwise, about that release, but seriously – do you think they’re gonna pass up the opportunity?)”

I have had this one, along with Empire and Return of the Jedi in my Amazon shopping cart for a long time, but I have yet to pull the trigger. I am a Star Wars child, so these movies are special to me, but do I really need this release? Am I enough of a movie buff to notice all the differences between the various sets? I do not even have a decent TV, surround sound, or anything of the like, so you guess I could get away with saving my money for now. That 30th anniversary thing is calling my name…

Then again, this is still Star Wars to me, not that New Hope nonsense.


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