A Penny Saved (or finding cheap gas prices)

I came across this MSN Autos gas prices site the other day (I think I saw it in a recent Road & Track magazine) and figured I would pass it along. I paid $2.49/gallon this morning, which was $0.02 over the cheapest I could get in Columbus, but is a lot better than the national average of $2.62/gallon.  How else are you going to save for a shiny new PS3?


2 thoughts on “A Penny Saved (or finding cheap gas prices)”

  1. Think yourself lucky – current petrol price here is 97p per litre.

    97p*3.78 = £3.66 per US gallon, or $6.59 in foreign money.

  2. That is actually a little cheaper than it was the last time I was in London and Chester (late June). But yes, as much as we complain abou the price of gas, petrol is more expensive in other parts of the world.

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