SEC Wrap-Up Week 1

All in all, not a bad first week for predictions. I went 9-1, with my only miss being Hotty Toddy, and that just barely. Before you ask, I do not go against the spread (I could never condone gambling) and I do not track the non SEC action.

Early favorites for Calvert Games’ SEC Shame of the Week Award were Mississippi and Kentucky, but the award goes to Arkansas. While there is no shame in going down to USC, Hog-nation was certain things would be different this year. I am sure that they are coming up with excuse after excuse, but to have someone drop 120 combined points on you over the last two years is just damn embarrassing. The Wildcats *could* have received the award, but everyone knows they are bottom of the class; Arkansas is *supposed* to be better.

If dad was here, he would certainly be happy about McCoy’s impressive debut for the Horns, but he would be worrying-up for this Saturday’s Ohio State game. And yes, the Arkansas debacle would have brought a smile to his face.

I am not sure if there were any real surprises around the SEC. I called California mud a while back, so I expected Tennessee to win (figured it would be closer). I am not sure why, but I never expect Auburn’s backs to be as good as advertised, but that Irons kid put up 180+ on the ground, which is gosh darn impressive. I did not expect Mississippi to find a ground attack (and actually win), and while I expected Kentucky to stick, I certainly did not think their defense would stop just shy of 60 (ouch).

Hope the Dawgs figure out some things in a hurry before Saturday night. Namely, how to open some holes for our trio of backs, how to hold onto the ball (come on receivers!), and how to get some consistent QB play. It seems like nothing comes easy for Georgia when they travel to Williams-Brice Stadium, so this one could go wrong fast.

Not to be looking ahead because the Dawgs cannot do that this year, but that UAB game has to look a tad scary now after UAB’s performance against Oklahoma. The Colorado game now looks like a cake walk.

Go Dawgs!


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