A Tale of Two Development Algorithms

Before we look at an individual teams draft picks, I thought that a comparison with OOTP 6.5 was in order. My previous post established that the top performers were generally in the first and second round in OOTPB 2006. Its a very different story in OOTP 6.5.

I looked at our 2015 season OOTP 6.5 results, and found small differences in the position player performance. I only examined average this time and six were drafted in the first round, two in the second, one in the fourth, and one ninth round pick (who actually led the AL in average). All of the first round picks were below the top ten, but overall, not a big difference between the two games. The ninth round pick performance is possible in OOTP 6.5, but is it in OOTPB 2006? The jury is still out.

Pitching is a whole different game in OOTP 6.5. Only three pitchers drafted in the first round were on the ERA leader boards. Two third, one fourth, one eighth, and two tenth round picks made up the ERA leader board. This is pretty consistent with my woeful drafting performance for starting pitcher prospects in OOTP 6.5. They hardly ever pan out for me. One pitcher was in the original IOSBL league draft, so I didnt count him in these numbers.

It appears on the surface that pitching development and performance are very different in OOTP 6.5. Lower round picks seem to have a chance of excelling in OOTP 6.5. Not sure this is the case in OOTPB 2006.


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