The Pujols Factor, Portable Gaming, and the Draft

Please do not tell me what this says about me, but I did not manage my Yahoo fantasy baseball team for the first three weeks of the season and managed to hold onto first place. Why? Pujols rules!

I did not know that Sony was still producing the PSX (I still do not want to call it a PSOne), but they are, or rather they were. Turns out that after an 11 year run, the PSOne has seen the end of its run. The interesting news here is that PSX games may be coming for the PSP. The system needs something to add some life, and this may be just the trick.

My son is begging for a Nintendo DS. There was a time when I would have picked one up a launch, but that time has now passed me by. Now I am considering getting one that we can “share” – the fact is that my seven-year old son will just abuse the heck out of the thing, as he has done with his GBA. Still, an arrangement of some sort could be in the works because of a couple of games that may put me over the edge. Ages of Empire – I have wanted to try this on the PC forever, but I know what would happen. Besides I just do not want to play in front of a PC for hours on end. A portable version could be just the trick, giving me the ability to play on the go, as well as playing in the living room around the rest of the family while they are playing board games, watching TV, reading, etc. Stay tuned.

I am not sure what to make of the Falcons draft. Trading up for Jimmy Williams (CB, VA Tech) may be a great move, but everything I have read indicates a serious attitude problem. I guess the Falcons want to become thug city; screw character is what it says to me. Norwood (RB, Miss St) could be a good hedge with Dunn getting older, and Duckett in the last year of his contract. No idea about Ojennaka (OG, Syracuse) who looks like he has good size going for him, or Jennings (WR, Fresno St) who seems to be a rather small target. My son was ecstatic that the Falcons took Shockley; may be a good fit to back up Vick at some point. I guess the Falcons did all their work prior to the draft, so I was not really expecting much over the weekend.


2 thoughts on “The Pujols Factor, Portable Gaming, and the Draft”

  1. Could have been worse, JC – the Falcons could have just ignored all their needs like the Bengals did, and gone for people with police records instead.

    No TE, no C, 2 assault charges. Nice one, Marvin.

  2. That bad? Maybe Marvin has a plan … two assault charges is not that bad these days.

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