WTF Is Wrong With Me?

I am not sure WTF has happened, but I am suddenly taking an unhealthy interest in baseball, specifically statistical books, ramblings on various websites, and actually wanting a deeper grasp of what it takes to “win” OOTPB. I admit I am screwed; it was bound to happen sooner or later – it is not as if I ever stopped liking baseball, just the crap between the MLBPA and MLB Owners groups. I have a feeling my wife is not going to like this turn of events.

Lately I have been reading Baseball Musings, The Hardball Times, and then some. I have also recently ordered The Hard Ball Times Baseball Annual 2006, Baseball Prospectus 2006, and looking at the various Bill James books actually wanting to understand how Win Shares are calculated.

I do not think I have cared this much about baseball in over 15 years. I think I am doomed …


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