Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, whatever your holiday of choice may be. I’ve shifted my base camp from the Tampa, Florida area to Tallahassee, Florida. My parents have a fancy wireless network setup. The problem is that (1) they haven’t updated the firmware for their router in two years and (2) they have the slowest DSL money can buy. No World of Warcraft for the next couple of days, but we head back to Tampa on Monday to the fast network at my mother-in-law’s house.

We visited Florida State University yesterday and I was not very impressed with their Visitor’s Center. We walked in on four college students huddled around the desk and I felt as if I was butting in on their conversation. One of the students quickly pointed out that they weren’t doing anymore tours that day, and then asked us if we had any questions about Florida State. Another student remembered that they had a DVD we could watch, so we did that and then took a driving tour of the campus.

I expect more salesmenship for $24,000 a year.

It’s looking like University of Georgia is the favorite at this point. We visit the University of Central Florida next week. But I’m hoping that our visit to Univeristy of Texas will win the day. I can’t have any dawgs in the family!


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