Road Warrior

Being a road warrior has been interesting this past week. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft and running my Out of the Park Baseball leagues courtesy of my Dell Latitude D810. I’m actually quite surprised that this is so easy to accomplish. I use a Logitech trackball mouse with my laptop. I find that I’m in spaces with my laptop that aren’t mouse friendly, and the trackball can do everything I need it to do and requires much less of a footprint to get it done.

My home computer has all of my Internet Explorer favorites, and my biggest headache this week was re-building some of those links on my laptop. I also forgot to bring the FTP password for one of the leagues I run, so my co-helper is going to run things while I’m away. Other than that, things are silky smooth using my wireless network connection.

World of Warcraft is quite playable at 1024 with medium graphics details. I tested the wireless connection to the WoW servers when I was at home, and both here in Florida and in Texas I could do everything on my laptop that I could on my main computer. Now, I am not going to give up my 20 inch Dell LCD and NVidia 6800 graphics when I get home, but the laptop is getting the job done.

It is nice to know that gaming life can exist on the road. I haven’t even found the time to check out some text games that I brought allong.

Many of you know that I am married, so the question that I’m sure that’s popping up is “How are you getting away with this on a family vacation?” Easy answer.

Shopping. And watching my youngest daughter.

My wife is, shall we say, eager to visit all of the wonderful Florida outlet centers and malls. I am not. Her mother is also eager. A match made in heaven. So I get up early, mess around with my leagues, and then (with a sigh for effect) I agree to take care of my daughter all day while she’s out shopping.

Then spend the evening doing family stuff. If the evening ends early, you’re back online and ready to go! Last night I went to see Harry Potter’s latest movie. My wife wanted to see it, so I went with her (again, points for me – seeing a movie I really could wait for the DVD).

Like football, marriage requires a balanced attack. And some shopping money.


4 thoughts on “Road Warrior”

  1. Too funny Chris! Now that I have a decent computer I am thinking of trying the new Civ game or maybe AoE III – are you currently playing either? I think you have said you are a Civ fan.

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