I switched back and forth between the Texas Colorado and Army Navy games yesterday. I think the Texas A&M game was a wake up call for the Longhorns, and poor Colorado had to suffer through a serious beat down because of it.

Navy beat Army for the fourth year in a row. Life is good.

I downloaded Grey Dog Software’s Total Pro Basketball 2005 and will take a look next week. The game looks much improved over last year’s version. I’m looking for an NBA sim, and this is pretty much the only game in town for GM fans.

A few “experts” seriously picked UCLA over USC.

I had the good fortune of being around San Diego State when Marshall Faulk was there (my wife is a proud Aztec). He is the greatest running back I’ve ever seen in college. Reggie Bush is a close second. The difference is that Marshall Faulk was by far the only option at San Diego State. You knew who was going to get the majority of the touches. Yet when he touched the ball and got to the secondary, there was always a chance that he would score a TD. Reggie Bush is one of many options at USC, so that’s why I will always think Faulk was the better college running back. Teams would line up 10 players in the box and Faulk would still rush for 200 yards.


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