PlayStation 3 BD Remote

My wife (err, kids) gave me the two Pirates movies and the PlayStation 3 BD Remote for Father’s Day.  Amazon was running a special that gave $10 off the remote with the purchase of both Pirates movies.  Not a bad deal – $23.95/movie and $14.92 for the remote (even includes two AA batteries), and free second day shipping (we use the Prime service).

The remote is a Bluetooth device.  Setup was very simple; it took less than a minute to navigate to the Bluetooth device setup section and setup my remote, which was assigned as device 7.

From a functionality standpoint, the remote works great.  It has everything you would expect from a DVD player (and I guess a BD player).  Scan forward or reverse, go into slow play in forward or reverse, skip chapters in either direction.  The controller also duplicates the standard Sixaxis controller buttons, including the various L/R functions.  Call me ignorant, but I have no idea what the red, green, blue (looks lavender to me), and yellow buttons do (they are color coded, complete with labels for those that do not know their colors).

The remote even has a PS button so you can use it to turn off your PS3.  Great feature for a lazy person or just late night viewing from a comfortable spot in the living room.

Any gripes?  The buttons do not have any sort of glow in the dark, or backlight functions, so you have to memorize button placement to use the remote in a dark room.  While it is nice that pressing any button will turn on your PS3, it is also a pain.  Literally, pressing any button – even if your kids accidentally place something on top of the remote by accident – will turn on the PS3.  It would have been nice if only pressing the PS button for a few seconds turned on the PS3.

Is it worth the money?  I am kind of indifferent, but if you plan to use your PS3 watch some movies, then the Sony PlayStation 3 BD Remote works much better than a Sixaxis controller.  For me, the remote was a great purchase (well, present) at $14.92.


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