Vick the Role Model

After today’s 17-10 victory over Miami, Michael Vick had the following to say to his (often) harsh critics:

“People say I can’t throw the ball from the pocket. I had to show them,” Vick said. “From here on out, I don’t want to hear that question — if I can throw from the pocket.”

And Vick also had this qem of a quote:

“I want people to praise me,” Vick said. “If I’m winning games, don’t criticize me. That’s all I’m saying.”

Good grief! Who likes to be criticized? The Falcons are winning, that is all that really matters to me, but Vick needs to look in the mirror and realize that his passing performances (for the most part) this year have sucked. Sure he has done it on the ground, along with Dunn, and the defense has been solid, but Vick’s air attack has been less than impressive.

Vick threw for one TD, going 22 of 31 for 228 yards on the day. Vick also had 38 yards rushing on 8 attempts. OK, the numbers were good, and the Falcons won (all I really care about), but Vick needs to learn to shut his trap until he is regularly putting up number this efficient (and of course more yards). All in all Vick did look very comfortable in the pocket – the bye week obviously helped – but again Vick needs to shut his f’ing mouth.


2 thoughts on “Vick the Role Model”

  1. when did he say.. "I want them to praise me." I really hope you’re not makin that shit up b/c I haven’t heard him say that anywhere. and he doesnt need to shut his mouth he can say whatever he wants, he’s not a RB and he’s getting sick of people saying that.

  2. He made the comment in yesterdays post-game press conference. It was replayed several times since then (hail NFL Network) and once more on Mike & Mike/ESPN this AM.

    He’s learning the west coast offense, which has by all accounts a very steep learning curve for the QB. That said, lets see him beat a top-caliber defense who contain & force him to throw. I don’t really doubt that he can do it, but I was really disappointed in his playoff performance against he Eagles last year. Weren’t the Falcon fans?? I also worry that he’s going to put his body on the line one too many times on a scramble & be done for his career.

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