Video Games and Violence – Here We Go Again

Cheese and crackers, can violent video games not get a break? Why have a video games rating system if we are not going to enforce it by preventing minors from purchasing (and renting) ‘M’ (Mature) rated games?

So now we have this crap on David Coursey’s Weblog by an attorney that wants to stop MicroSoft from publishing GTA:SA

“Last Sunday I appeared on CBSs 60 Minutes to explain a wrongful death lawsuit we have filed in Alabama on behalf of the families of three law enforcement officials slain by a teen who trained on Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City to kill. As you know, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is even more violent. Already there have been killing incidents linked to this latest GTA game.”

I should not even dignify a response, but in David Coursey’s weekly letter, David wrote the following:

“I will not cite all the evidence here, but there is good reason to believe that violent media has a negative effect on children and society. It desensitizes them to pain and suffering and may teach them violent “skills” they would not learn anywhere else.”

Maybe this is an accurate statement, and maybe it is not. Regardless, I go back to my previous point that children should not be playing games such as GTA. There is a reason GTA, as well as other violent games have a ‘M’ game rating the games are not intended for children.

David concluded his “take” on this issue, with the following:

“Everyone involved in the development, promotion and sale of hyperviolent games like GTA should be ashamed. I wish we would go after these games with the same zeal directed at some other forms of obscenity.”

It always boggles my mind that people look towards video games as if there are the anti Christ. Are weak minded individuals influenced by media (not just video games)? I am sure they are in the same manner that children are easily impressionable. If everyone can just agree that games such as Grand Theft Auto are not for kids, and enforce the already reasonable ratings system, then I think a lot of this bunk would go away. Leave the video games alone already!


One thought on “Video Games and Violence – Here We Go Again”

  1. Actually, it’s nothing new, it’s just that Video games are the newest evil thing to be scapegoated. Before that it was movies, tv, music, books, cartoons. People are always looking for something in which to blame their irresponsiblity. The kid wasn’t really a kid when he committed those crimes. He was old enough to know better and also manipulative enough to know that yelling "Life is a video game" or something very much like it was enough to get the charges reduced. I think he was only one year younger then the recommended age for the game. But I agree, there is a gaming rating system for a reason, and people should start paying better attention to it, rather than demonize the industry.

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