Sebring, GT4, and PSPs

I suppose many sports fans spent yesterday engrossed in March Madness, but I spent my TV time engrossed in the 12 hour Sebring race on SPEED. It seems like each year I get more and more involved (dare I say engrossed) with endurance GT racing – very interesting racing, with tons of high quality drivers. I was disappointed that one of the two Corvette C6-R cars did not win their class; the new C6-R is a damn impressive car.

Each time I watch one of these endurance races I always wonder why a video game developer cannot give us a Gran Turismo style physics game, with a Melbourne House 24 Hours Le Mans style game. The DC and PS2 Melbourne House games were always fun, if not a bit easy, but the cool thing about them was the 18-24 car field vs. Gran Turismo’s 6 cars. Plus the PS2 version of Le Mans has the Petite Le Mans Road Atlanta Race.

Speaking of Gran Turismo and Le Mans, I am only 5% or so into GT4; Le Mans goodness is coming, but apparently it is one of the tracks that is time released after a certain number of GT4 days. I will have to post some updated statistics later (for anyone that cares), but I have not really had much time to play the game since it came out, which makes me question my judgment of my PSP pre-order with 5 games. has confirmed my order; still waiting for the AMEX to get charged to “prove” it, but I feel certain it is a done deal. The brick and mortar EBgames also have told me that I would have a shiny new PSP waiting for me at midnight on the 23/24 of March. I guess that means there is the opportunity to make a little extra cash on eBay, but I do not get the feeling that massive shortages are imminent. I have to make some decisions this week about what to do with my two PSPs. Right now I am thinking about canceling the local store order, but maybe I will read stories today about all the expected shortages. Either way, hopefully on Thursday I can say “I got mine!”


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  1. JC, have you had a bash at the Le Mans licence test yet? Special licence test 15, one lap of the current Le Mans layout in the Bentley EXP Speed 8. If you’ve not got there yet, it’s worth dropping the racing aspect of the game for now and speeding ahead with the licences – this one lap alone is worth the price of admission.

    There’s two very entertaining laps of the ‘Ring in the licence tests too. Won’t spoil all the details in case you’ve no idea what’s ahead of you – all I’ll tell you is I got gold first time out on one of them and got frighteningly close on the later one, just to give you a target.

    One other thing – the driving missions hall is a bit too much like easy money for my liking, but a hell of a lot of fun, especially the One Lap Magic sections.


  2. Adam, I have not seen the Le Mans circuit yet. When I started GT4 I transfered in my licenses, and have not worked towards turning in gold the two transfered nor have I worked towards the other licenses. I guess I need to give it a go.

    BTW, I think I found an interesting "cheat." I just finished the basic truck series (beginning section) with a Ford F-150 (440 or so HP). I decided to try it in the FR races – I honest figured the game would not let me since it said something about the events being open to FR cars only. I guess a FR truck is a car as far as GT4 is concerned.

    The first race showed me that it would be worth 108 Aspec points; I figured I was in trouble. Instead I won by 7+ seconds. Not sure if it is really a cheat, but it was interesting. :)

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