iPod Photo, Best Buy, and Sweet Victory

For anyone keeping up with my stupid Best Buy saga, things have finally been resolved in favor of the good guy (that would be me). Let me first say that I appreciate comments, suggestions, and well wishes from those of you that have posted. I am sure I would have continued to fight the good fight, but just knowing that pretty much everyone thinks that I am in the right, and Best Buy is out to screw us over made the fight worthwhile.

Yesterday I took my new iPod Photo along with all my old iPod stuff (box, manual, cables, head phones, etc) back to the store as soon as it opened. I found the first service person I could find, told the lady the abbreviated version of this sad, sad, tale, and then I demanded that I be given all the parts for the iPod Photo or I should be given a new iPod 40GB 4G. Either way the store was going to take back all my original stuff. I was damned determined to get the situation sorted out right then and there.

Of course the lady had to get the story manager, who happened to be the same lady (well, not really a lady; rhymes with switch) that “helped” me the night before. I figured it was going to get ugly.

In the end, I won. I did have to go through a ridiculously stupid process of exchanging out item for item. My original box for the new iPod Photo box; my original headphones for the new iPod Photo headphones. On so on and so forth. It was really unbelievable the manager actually made (not really; more like show) me put the iPod Photo in the iPod Photo Dock to make sure that it actually fit. She was really being a true bitch. There I said it; sorry, I was trying to refrain.

Bottom line Best Buy sucks, Best Buy customer service sucks, Best Buy Service Plans suck, Best Buy store managers suck, but perseverance pays off.

I now have a shinny new iPod Photo 40GB 4G. Nice stuff, that color display and pretty album pictures and longer batter life. Yea me!


6 thoughts on “iPod Photo, Best Buy, and Sweet Victory”

  1. Congrats!!! Best Buy’s terrible reputation is main reason I don’t shop there. I’d rather pay a little more for an item somwhere else knowing that if a problem arises, it will get taken care of properly.

  2. Better battery life and a color screen, but more bulky.

    Still, it’s priced $100 higher.

    Get to downloading that album art and organizing your photos!

  3. wco81 – it is a slight bit bigger (I would not have noticed the extra mm or two, but read about it at ipodlounge) and it weighs a couple of ounces more than a "regular" 4G 40GB.

    Where is the best place to get album art? I guess any thing I download from iTunes will have art, but not my 250+ CDs.
    Dan – so far so good; works great.
    Jason – I will think twice before I buy anything from Best Buy again other than serious loss leader CDs, Games, DVDs, etc. Even then I may just skip them and pay a $ or 2 more somewhere else.

  4. Not sure where you can get album art.


    Would not surprise me if there is some shareware or freeware which will go up to Amazon, extract the album you want and then convert it (if necessary), to the format or size needed to display on the iPod.

  5. wco – I found some windows software today that does this – pulls album art from Amazon. I’ll post an update later to describe the details, if it works well, etc.

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