iPod and Best Buy – The Saga Continues

I got my repaired iPod back last Friday, but unbeknownst to me, the damn thing will no longer output any sound. So I went from a static filled output that did have output, to absolute silence.

So I go back to Best Buy last night and give them the run down. Of course the guy treats me like I have the Black Death and am trying to pull a fast one. I am not sure why customers have to justify why they are bringing in something for repair, but I guess if you have a 40GB G4 iPod, you have to justify your actions.

The manager-type of the Geek Squad tells me that his iPod specialist will be in on Wednesday, and if he cannot fix it then they will give me a new one. Of course I cannot get this in writing, so knows what will happen. I just want the damn thing to work again, and I do not care to have to wait another three weeks for the repair guys to do nothing, which is basically what they did last time. How can you swap out a HDD and not verify that the unit actually plays sound?

The Best Buy customer service has been horrendous. A decent store would just give me a replacement and return the original back to Apple as defective. According to the manager-type, there is sort of a lemon law in effect – I have to send it in for repairs four times before they will replace the unit. I am now on repair order two.

Next steps? I will wait until Wednesday to see what the iPod specialist can do – apparently he is something short of God, and the only person trained to do a little more than a soft reset. After that, if I do not get a replacement I will have to call my credit card company, and maybe call Apple.


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  1. Sorry to hear about all those hassles. You might check ipodlounge. My Mini is still going strong, knock on wood.

    I was thinking about the Geek Squad the other day. First I thought it was a Best Buy-only thing. But I saw a Geek Squad store located several miles from the nearest BB.

    I guess BB markets GS exclusively. They offer things like setting up a wireless router and removing spyware.

    Services aren’t cheap either! Has it become that bad that you have to pay so much money for people to set up your computers or to fix them?

    Maybe they should be designed better in the first place so people don’t have to pay so much money to "experts" to do things for you.

  2. I’d file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I don’t hestitate to file online at BBB.org when I have problems and have gotten good results most of the time.

  3. wco81/Jason – see my latest update. I was "upgraded" to a 40GM 4G iPod Photo. Too bad I was not able to get the box, cables, dock, etc.

    I think I will go the BBB route and complain to the regional Best Buy.

    This is just nuts.

    The only nice thing is that it looks like battery life has been improved, but I use that freaking dock all the time. Now I cannot recharge via a dock because this iPod Photo version will not stay in correctly.

  4. Since this is the first time I have been here, I’m not sure if this is a stupid question or not. If it is, I am sorry, but did you ever contact apple directly about your ipod issues? Perhaps they will give you better service than the idiots at Best Buy.
    (Also, after visiting Apple’s website, I think the guy is lying to you about the four time thing:

    Good Luck

  5. the guy at Best Buy is not lying, as long as the Service Plan was purchased there is a "no lemon policy". I know, I work there unfortunatly.

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