NCAA Football 13 – Read and React Trophy

What a joke of a luck Trophy. I hate it when developers put in nonsense Trophies, and the NCAA guys are really doing a job on us in consecutive years.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the Read and React trophy is total garbage BS. Using some tips in this thread, I willfully did the needful a few minutes ago!

This is a great tip. I used it this morning to get this stupid f’ing Trophy. Had my INT within the first 5 plays, but it was a fluke. I missed the ball, but because of the various edits, the receiver dropped the pass, and I caught it before it hit the ground for a nice Pick-6.

I kept squeezing that L2 reaction button for all it was worth (20 seconds is a lot of time) and on my way to the House I received the coveted ding.

Only Trophies I have left are some of the Heisman ones … so well on my way to Platinum goodness thanks to this tip!

If it helps anyone else, I uploaded the edited roster to my locker. One or two other teams may be jacked up, but for this Trophy you are playing with Texas Tech, so you should be good to go if you download my file.

One thing I did that was not mentioned in the original tip thread, was to lower the minimum speed threshold setting to 0, to help showcase J Man’s amazing speed (99 rated, all the other DBs and WRs were edited to 0).

I’m posting this reference for anyone else needlessly struggling with this Read and React Trophy crap. If you decide to follow this tip, hopefully my contribution of the pre-edited Texas Tech in my PSN jcalvert EA Sports NCAA Football locker will help ease your pain and suffering.


11 thoughts on “NCAA Football 13 – Read and React Trophy”

  1. At least its only 1, you ever see the trophies on there nhl games? Hockey is actually my fav sport, refuse to buy the game because the trophies

  2. Under Team Management, select Roster Share. From there, enter jcalvert under the download rosters option. Once you download, if you check under edit rosters, you will see J Man as the 99 rated CB on Texas Tech.

  3. In all honesty i dont think that trophy was that bad, can you imagine if they had a heismen challenge with charles woodson. That would have been insane. While i was originally mad he wasnt included in the game, after going for trophies glad he wasnt.
    P.s. i am haveing an issue with glittch trophies. For some reason heismans arent unlocking for me. Posted a pic on Only trophies i need for platinum

  4. Cool that you got the trophy so quickly. I only have 6 (maybe 7) of the Heisman ones left; no glitz issues for me.

    Read and React was only easy (my opinion) because someone posted some suggestions to edit the rosters. If not for that, it would be darn awful, kind of like some of the ones from last year. Doable, yes, but not very easy without cheating a little.

  5. Not to my knowledge, unless the Trophy is mislabeled across the various Trophy listing sites. You just need to intercept a pass will using reaction mode. A key thing is that you cannot start using the reaction mode until the ball is in the air, and while you shouldn’t have to, just to be safe, you should keep using it until the play ends or you run out.

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