Wow. Sony really did a piss poor job of providing simple, concise details describing their 3G Data Pass and free PSN game offering (confirmed to be Super Star Dust). More specifically, what to expect when you purchase an AT&T data pass.

Once you cut through the rumors, theories, and innuendo, gamers just want to know what has to happen next to get the free offers.

For example, this thread outlines several different explanations, which is typical of how badly Sony screwed the pooch on this offer. What happens during the official launch next week as Sony gets flooded with “where are my data pass and free game” emails? Or maybe with the 3G Launch Edition, Sony got it right and included pack-in vouchers.

The confusion starts with the official Vita page:

When you purchase and activate an AT&T DataConnect plan, receive Super Star Dust plus DLC ($14.99 value)
How to get your game:

Select and sign up for an AT&T DataConnect Pass plan.

Login to your PlayStation®Network account on your PS Vita.

30 days after your DataConnect Pass activation, you will receive a game voucher code redeemable on the PlayStation®Store.

Fair enough, only I didn’t receive any sort of confirmation from AT&T as part of my 3GB purchase receipt to indicate that I could look forward to a free 250MB data pass and Super Star Dust plus DLC.

Sony’s support site sort of attempts to clear up the confusion.

If you purchase the 3G/Wi-Fi PS Vita AND sign up for an AT&T DataConnect Pass plan, you are entitled to a free voucher code for the PSN title Super Stardust Delta.

However, as detailed in the program details and limitations, this code will not be delivered until 30 days after DataConnect Pass activation.

After 30 days have passed since sign-up, you will receive a game voucher code via email that can be used to download Super Stardust Delta for free.

So I am entitled to a free voucher for Super Stardust Delta, however no mention if Sony is sending this confirmation or AT&T.

What about the free 250MB data pass? Glad you asked. Sony’s help site was actually helpful; promotional code confirmed

With the purchase of the 3G/Wi-Fi PS Vita, AT&T is offering consumers who purchase an AT&T DataConnect Pass plan a second plan for free (250MB). There is no voucher that needs to be entered in, the promotional code will be added your DataConnect account. To redeem the free DataConnect Pass, you will need to log in to your DataConnect account and redeem it there.

You must purchase a DataConnect pass before March 31, 2012 to be eligible for the free 250MB DataConnect pass.

Hopefully this article helps clear up some of the confusion over the free PSN game and free 250MB data pass offered with your First Edition and 3G Launch Bundle Vitas. I have a help desk ticket into Sony to clear up the confusion around how the PSN voucher will be delivered. I will update once I receive some sort of confirmation from Sony.