Lumines Electronic Symphony – Platinum?

As a card carrying trophy whore, I have been watching the debate about Lumines Platinum status. Will it or will it not contain a Platinum?

According to James Mielke (Q Games Producer) the game does in fact have a platinum. Additionally he also makes reference to a platinum trophy on his twitter too. Despite the claims, it would seem that and many users online say otherwise.

I have Lumines on preorder, and even if it doesn’t contain a Platinum trophy, I’m sure I’ll enjoy Lumines immensely. The fire PSP Lumines was fantastic; the first Vita version looks to top it in every way.

Trophy support for the Vita will making gaming on the go that much more enjoyable.


3 thoughts on “Lumines Electronic Symphony – Platinum?”

  1. While I am a trophy whore, I do try to balance what I like to play vs obtaining trophies. In other words, there are a ton of games that I play where I have no shot at getting a platinum. Lumines is one of those games – I probably don’t have the skill to get a plat, but it sucks that a retail game, a $40 one at that, does not have a platinum trophy. :(

  2. i believe trophie amount should be by price – retail games have 50 – cheap psn games around 15. which is the way most games do it – sucks when they change things up

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