Madden 12 – Not So ‘Easy’ Trophy Bug

When I put Madden 12 in for the first time, and entered Ultimate Team Mode (MUT), I was presented with a message about my super, awesome, ultimate, top-shelf, Hall of Fame edition surprise pack of all 99 rated past Madden cover athletes. Good stuff all around because all this was mine, just for ponying up extra duckets for the Hall of Fame edition of Madden 12.

For my troubles, and by troubles I really mean doing absolutely jack shit, I got an immediate Trophy ding earning ‘This One is Hard’ because my MUT team was over the 80+ rating threshold.

Gold Trophy goodness, but I feel a little dirty. Not to worry because the good folks at EA felt compelled to automatically import my MUT from yesteryear – my Madden 10 GA TX Falcons. Ah how I forgot all about you, but not for long.

It seems that EA has included a nice little bug that prevents prior MUT owners from earning the Bronze ‘This One is Easy’ Trophy for creating a MUT team.

So let’s get this out in the open. I played Madden 10 MUT, but I did not play MUT in Madden 11 because I did not want to be tempted to spend money on ‘virtual’ football cards. I love the concept of MUT, but that is an entirely different article, so before I start digressing, let’s move back to the situation at hand.

After entering MUT for the first time, and getting the before mentioned Trophy ding I noticed that I didn’t get a second Trophy ding for creating a MUT. So I exited out of MUT back to the main menu, and entered MUT again.

This time I was prompted with some info about how grateful EA was that I was returning to MUT. For my loyalty I was awarded some coins, maybe even a card or two, and I was given three free cards for playing the Madden 12 demo. More importantly, I was told that my previous MUT team was being imported, and because EA is so great, they were going to include some BS about when my MUT was established. Thanks, but WTF is my ‘This One is Easy’ Trophy?

I do not see a way to create a new team, delete my old team, start over, or any other nonsense. I’m not about to dick around deleting profiles, trying to establish a new EA ID or create an alternate PSN account just to work out EA’s fucking laziness and lack of accountability when it comes to quality control and customer service.

And why should I at this point just because EA felt compelled to import my previous MUT team without warning me that I was going to be up shit creek when it comes to getting a Platinum Trophy.

Everything I have read indicates that this is a problem with the PS3 and 360 – so it is not as if EA has some random issue that only a few users will encounter. Instead of awarding loyal EA customers, and prior MUT players, EA has decided to bend us over and ram a rod up our collective rears. Of course the good folks at the EA help desk will not acknowledge the issue.

I could go on, but why bother? Just another reason that EA needs some real NFL competition – can’t wait for their exclusive license to expire.


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  1. I think it’s a moot issue now. It would take awhile for competing developers to get up to speed on developing another football game. The exclusive license has been in effect long enough to kill any future competition for a long time.

    Too bad nobody argued for dropping the exclusivity in the CBA.

    Back in the PS1 days, when Madden was not doing so well, I built a PC towards the end of that generation, to tap into online play. Some of those PC Maddens were interesting, because they patched the game frequently and actually improved them.

    Thought about doing the same, because I don’t think there will be real improvements — or change at any rate — until the next generation. But EA stopped releasing the PC version of Madden after the 2008 version. Only EA Sports game on PC that is still active seems to be FIFA.

  2. I disagree. Yes, it would take a couple of years to put together a quality football game, but I think the ‘threat’ would force EA to move forward. Speaking of the original PS1, I remember the good old days of GameDay – before it sucked. And GameBreaker. Great options and alternatives to Madden and NCAA Football. Same thing for the DC and NFL 2K – competition makes everyone better.

  3. JC – backup your madden save files – then delete the ones on your ps3 – go back into madden 12 – makeup some new ea sports name – go to mut and ding…..i know this blows – but trophy should pop this way. OR can you change the name even with save files on the ps3? if so dont delete nothing – just change the name and go into mut

    worth a try. And i have been seeing this glitch mentioned alot in other forums

  4. Joe – are you confirming or guessing? ‘worth a try’ sounds like a guess. I ask because everything I have read indicates that EA someone linked MUT and your PSN ID, which means not amount of deleting local files will help.

    I don’t want to risk throwing away my 99 rated super special Hall of Fame cards. I know, I am crazy that way.

  5. the second one was a guess. But the first should work – and it is not tied to your psn account but to your EA account. Thats why signing in under a diffrent EA account should work

  6. Thanks Joe. To be honest, I am really hesitant to try to monkey around with the profile because I really don’t want to f anything up. If it were this ‘easy’ (ironic that it is so hard to get the ‘easy’ Trophy) it would be all over the boards as the ‘work around’.

    This morning I created a new EA profile, and I attempted to change to that one within Madden 12’s online options, but it would not let me. I forget why I received the ‘failure’ message, but there must be some black magic at work.

  7. I’ve try every possible opition there is to fix this, you cant create a ne EA account because the first one you made to play MUT in Madden 10 is premenatly linked to your PSN and no way to change it. Deleting files doesnt help just messes up your hard work. I contacted EA and they said a Patch will have to be made to fix the issue and Playstation said the same thing. So hopefully they will Patch this sooner or later.

  8. Will – Sounds like that may be a different sort of bug. Are you 100% sure you never had a MUT? Even just checking out the patch in Madden 10 would have probably set you up with a team, even if you did not use it again.

    Honestly, I forgot about mine. Had a big time with it in 10, but swore it off for 11 and never even attempted to try it out. Too bad, 12 just did the auto import thing and picked up my long last GA-TX-Falcons (or whatever I called them).

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